Bulldog Puppy Contract


The buyer hereby agrees to purchase the puppy named (_______________________) from Sumo Bulldogs for the price of $__________ plus shipping $275.

The seller agrees to furnish the buyer with all the necessary health information including Vaccination Records and Worming Records. Puppy will come with AKC registration. Seller will mail the AKC registration papers to the buyer or include them when shipping the puppy.

1. All puppies require a $500.00 deposit. We prefer U.S. Postal Money Orders (these can ONLY be purchased at the U.S. Post Office), but we will also accept Pay Pal, Cash, Personal Checks, and or a money order at Walmart.

2. Choice of puppy is determined on a first come (deposit received) first to choose basis.

3. All puppies will be sold without breeding rights. All puppies’s prices as displayed on this website as pet prices with the assumption that the puppy being purchased is being bought as a pet. . Breeding rights will be attached via addendum to the bottom of this contract if so agreed upon.

4. All deposits and payments are NON REFUNDABLE. If something happens to your pup or if one is not available from this litter you will be given choice of a pup from the next available litter. If you change your mind and do not/can not get puppy you forfeit your deposit. Please understand that this is a hard and fast rule. Please do not call us asking for a refund. This puts us in a difficult emotional place. We list this in writing in our contract. Please respect this and do not call asking us to change or bend the rules. Thank you for your consideration regarding this matter.

5. Shipping Cost is a flate rate of $275 for puppies. Older puppies are shipped at expense of buyer.

6. Buyer will pick up puppy between the time the puppy is between 8 and 10 weeks old, otherwise there will be a $35.00 a week boarding charge, plus any other expenses, unless agreed upon and noted by Seller in writing. Two (2) weeks or more with no attempt to make pick up arrangements, and buyer forfeits puppy with no option to obtain another unless noted by the seller in writing.

7. Buyer agrees in buying a dog that in buying said dog the buyer agrees to submit in all legal matters pertaining to said purchase or any potential dispute regarding said dog or purchase to the jurisdiction of Madison County, Arkansas.



1. To be in good physical condition for the first 48 hours after the time of shipping. The buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by a veterinarian within 48 hours after the delivery time for a complete physical examination. Failure of buyer to take said puppy for a physical examination to the vet within 48 hours of shipping voids puppy warranty in full. If a veterinarian finds the puppy to have a contagious disease or to have a serious physical condition other than a bacterial infection such as coccidian or giardia which are easily treated, the seller will replace the puppy with another puppy of comparable or better quality. The seller reserves the right to a second veterinarian opinion at the expense of the seller. No monies will be refunded.

2. To be free from any genetic / hereditary defects that cause death or serious impairment of the vital functions in the puppy until said puppy is one year of age . If such an inheritable defect is documented by a Veterinarian and presented to the seller with sufficient supporting evidence, the buyer will be entitled to a replacement puppy of the same sex, of comparable or better quality, when available from same or upcoming litter, after the first puppy is returned to seller. No cash refunds given and we will not pay any vet bills. Above warranty excludes hip and joint related issues. Buyer agrees in buying a puppy that he or she understands the certain common limitations of the bulldog breeds such as joint issues and that most bulldog puppies if X rayed will evidence some form of mild to moderate hip displasia. Loose hips on bulldog pupies are common and rarely prevent a bulldog from walking or functionin as a loveable pet. Adult dogs sold are not covered herin and any/all adults will be sold on an “as is” basis”.

3. Please be aware that puppies are considered high risk for Coccidia and Giardia (both cause bloody stools). These health issues are usually easily treatable with inexpensive medicine. They are often brought on by the stress of shipping, a new home, new food, new people, change of climate or surroundings. Shipped puppies seem more prone to showing symptoms of Coccidia or Giardia. Another thing that may show up with shipping and/or the stress of moving to a new home is Kennel Cough (Bordatella-raspy cough). Kennel cough, Coccidia or Giardia on their own are not life threatening. All puppies are preventativly treated for worms, Coccidiosis, and Giardia, before they leave. Puppies will also be up to date on the puppy vacinations consistent with their age. We do not guarantee against Coccidiosis, Girardia, or Kennel Cough. Buyer is fully responsible for puppy at the point in time it leaves our possesion to travel to its new home.

4. It is understood that at the time of this sale the puppy is not guaranteed to be of show quality or breeding quality. Puppies will change as they mature. Ugly ducklings seem at times to turn into swans and sometimes swans seem to turn into ugly ducklings.



1. To at all times use the kennel name ” Sumo’s ” as the kennel prefix in the registered name of the dog as well as the leading prefix in said dog’s name in any advertisement of this dog whether in print or photo publication. Pets will be shipped spayed/neutered. Or buyer will spay/neuter puppy once it arrives in a timely manner.

2. In the event that the dog is later sold, or otherwise transferred from the possession of the buyer, for whatever reason, the seller will have the absolute right of first refusal to repurchase the dog for a sum not to exceed the original purchase price.

3. Maintain up to date vaccines and regular routine worming. Buyer agrees he/she is capable of providing proper medical attention for said puppy. If the buyer is not financial capable of caring for the medical needs of a bulldog puppy, buyer upon reading this contract will agree to inform us as the sellers and will agree not to buy the puppy. Buyer agrees to take full financial responsibility for any medical treatment necessary for the health and well being of the puppy. Buyer’s responsibility for puppy begins at the point the puppy is picked up in person by the buyer, or when it leaves our possession to be shipped to buyer. Buyer agrees without reservation to never ask for a cash refund of any kind for any reason. Buyer agrees not to attempt to purchase a bulldog puppy which they are not fully capable of caring for both physically, emotionally, and financially. A bulldog puppy is not a decision that should be made on a whim. There is considerable expense involved over the lifetime commitment to owning a bulldog.

The buyer and seller agree that this is the full and complete agreement that exists between the parties for the sale of this dog. Any agreements made prior to this are considered incorporated herein and any modifications made to this agreement shall be made in writing or such shall not be effective.



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Please scan and email to: info@sumobulldogs.com. If you do not have a scanner then just take a clear digital picture of the contract and send the pictures of the contract as a .jpeg file


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