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Ch. Exact Classic Comet

“Ch. Exact Classic Comet is sired by Hall Of Fame producer Ch. Millcoats Bach as well as going back to the #1 ranked bulldog in in the U.S. in 2006, 2007, and 2008.  In addition both Bach and Rock are winners of of the Westminister show.  Comet won his AKC championship in less than 3 months.  His heavy bone and compact frame make him a sought after dog.  His pedigree is stacked with some of the top producing champions in the U.S.  We are very excited to have him in our home.  Comet is an excellent producer.  One of his female offspring was the #1 girl in Mexico back in 2012.  We look forward to what Comet producers for us here at Sumobulldogs.

We want to thank Casimiro from La Chata in Spain for sending us this boy.  Monty will be entering the show ring in January of 2013.  His father “Bidlaw Leon Mystyle Meljane” is a top producing stud dog in Europe with champion offspring in many countries.  Monty is a compact dog with a gorgeous head.  He has a fantastic layback with good straight legs and a nice topline.  He has Ringablock McDonald Mystyle as his grandfather as well as Ch. Blood Blue Boy from La Chata.  He also has Crufts reserve winner Ch. Valleybull Silver Sailor in his pedigree.  He is a great dog with a great pedigree.  Monty is pure eye candy.  To follow Monty’s success in the show ring click on the “News” page of our website and follow his wins in the show ring.  Monty will be available for English bulldog stud service to approved females.

Tony is an AKC champion English bulldog breeders. He is sired by the one and only 3 time Westminster winner AKC champion Cherokee Legend Rock. Not only has Tony been sired by one of the most famous AKC champion bulldogs in the history of the U.S., but he himself is an AKC champion himself. He has a massive, massive head, short legs. Tony is very muscular with extremely heavy bone. To see more pictures of Tony click on his picture. Tony is available to approved standard females for stud service.


We strive for excellent in our stud dogs.  Choosing a dog to use for English bulldog stud service comes with a great responsibility.  Recently I read an interesting article where the statement was made with regards to invention “that perfection occurs when there is nothing left to take away”.  All you have is exactly what you need and nothing more.  Great English bulldog stud dogs are something like this description of perfection.  They have everything, but nothing extra.  Their head is large with thick chops, a great layback and a nice fat nose rope.  But nothing extra.  No excessive skin hanging from the neck.  The cartoon bulldog often depicts stumpy short legs and a bowed front end.  The perfect bulldog fits together with flowing symmetry.  Nothing extra.  All parts flowing one part into the next.

According to the bulldog standard no one part of the bulldog should stand out over the rest of the body.  A large head with plenty of bone is desirable, but not so much that the head is caused to seem to “large” for the body.   No bulldog is quite complete without some nice wrinkles.  And some people seem to enjoy substantial wrinkles (as do I)  But never to excess so as to obstruct the dog’s breathing or interrupt the angle of his layback.

Legs on the front end should be straight with well placed feet.  The back should have a nice roach with the high point just above the hindquarters.  The tail coming down placed lower than the high point of the back.

We at Sumobulldogs have been exceedingly blessed and fortunate to own some of the top winning show dogs in the U.S.  We must give credit where credit is due.  As with all breeders we had to start somewhere.  Every champion English bulldog stud dog has a pedigree with history.  Hours of studying pedigrees and thousands of hours of research and labor has gone into the development of that champion.  We ourselves have spent thousands of hours just in reading and studying.  But those before us who developed the bloodlines our dogs are built upon, these people we thank.  Most of you are mostly unknown to us.  But it is upon your effort than our current progress is built.  So to all those whose efforts have afforded us the opportunity that now stands ahead.  To you we express thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

Our boys are available for AKC champion English bulldog stud service to approved females.  Please call or email us with questions.