English Bulldog For Sale


Are you interested in finding that perfect English Bulldog for sale? Have you spent hours online looking to find that beautiful wrinkly loveable new addition to your home? Are you finding fat, wrinkly, puppies with proper thick legs and a beefy chest?  Or are you finding most dogs look more akin to a boxer or American bulldog?  A front end that is a little narrow?  Heads where the muzzle is longer with the nose more prominent and protruding?  Long Backs? High tail sets?  Shallow chests lacking in brisket?

We understand. It has spent us years and well past a hundred thousand dollars in wrong choices and a steep learning curve to get to where we are today. We have had our hearts broken (as have many of you) in our struggle to get the education that at times has been so hard to come by.

Take time to get to know the breeder from whom you choose to purchase your new bulldog puppy.  The Internet is an amazing tool as it allows us to find most anything in mere seconds.  The strength of the internet is also its weakness.  Sadly it is extremely common to find many, many scams online.  A plethora of rip off artists ply their trade online with stolen pictures and fake websites.  Sadly, many of the puppy classified websites online have been reported to have upwards of 20% to 30% of their ads being fake ads posted by scamsters, many of whom live overseas and don’t even raise bulldogs.

Many buyers seek out pet store puppies as a way of putting hands right on the puppy in order to prevent falling victim to these slick scamsters.  Unfortunately pet stores puppies are a commercial for profit venture.  As with any commercial business the dollar is the bottom line.  Puppies wholesaled to these stores are typically produced in large quantities with an emphasis on profit.

Protect yourself by purchasing your next English bulldog from an reputable breeder.  Here are Sumo Bulldogs we are Paypal verified.  For those of you familiar with Paypal you will understand the benefits of Paypal’s buyer’s protection insurance.  We encourage all buyers to take all necessary steps to feel comfortable with whatever breeder you end us choosing to select, whether that be us or another breeder.  Look for pictures of the parents of the puppy you are considering to purchase.  Compare the parents to the bulldog standard.  See how the parents stack up to what a bulldog is “supposed to be”.

Too often I hear people lament that their puppy was cute as a puppy, but grew up to look nothing like what they expected.  This is true very often.  The saying that good isn’t cheap and cheap isn’t good holds true most all the time with bulldogs.  Cheap bulldogs rarely turn out to look good.  Take the time to look at mom and dad and make sure they are what you are expecting your puppy to grow up to look like.

Find a breeder who is not a commercial wholesaler.  Preferably a breeder who shows and wins in the show ring.  It makes no difference if you are only wanting a pet.  The reality is the majority of our puppies go to pet homes.  We show our dogs no so we get a pat on the back, but as a means of verifying we are picking the best of the best to continue our bloodline.  Choosing a puppy from champion bloodines is one way to ensure the dog you are buying has the best odds of growing up to look like mom and dad.

Call or email with any questions you might have regarding any one of our dogs.


Coco is now retired.

Coco is champion sired by Ch. Omega’s Cruz’n For A Bruz’n. She is Ch. grandsired by Ch. Little Ponds Chief. Ch.Little Ponds Chief has produce close to or more champions than most any other bulldog stud in American bulldog history. Not only is Ch. Little Ponds Chief a superb example of a consistent producer of champions, but he has some great health attributes as well. Chief is one of only 126 bulldogs in 34 years to pass his OFA hip certification. Coco is a great addition to our foundation dogs. We see great opportunity for Coco to be bred to our Ch. male Tony who is a son of one of the other great’s in the bulldog world, Ch. Cherokee Legend Rock. We look forward with anticipation to breeding Coco to our AKC champion male Ch. Patabulls Tony The Tiger. We feel the crossing of these two great bloodines should produce some very consistent healthy offspring.