Available English Bulldog Puppies For Sale

 English Bulldogs For Sale

Listed below are litters of English Bulldogs for sale we currently have here at Sumo Bulldogs.

Each of the puppies has it’s own page on which you will find several photos, pricing and photos of the Sire and Dam. Just click the big red button beneath each puppy to view details.

unnamed (1)Available Puppy
$3000 Pet – $3500 Full AKC

We offer English bulldogs for sale from time to time.  Most all our litters are champion sired by AKC registered English champions.  Our dogs are not for everyone.  They are not the cheapest dogs on the internet, not by a long shot.  If you have landed on our website looking for a free dog or the cheapest puppy you can find, again, you are not at the right place.  We take great pride in producing quality.  Cheap dogs in most cases are commercially produced dogs.  Conformation of those parents is often mediocre at best with little health testing in many cases.

We do not lower our prices to match another breeders.  So please do not ask us to price match a commercial breeder just to try and make a sale.  We would rather keep the dog than sell at bargain basement prices.   Many of our dogs have cost $10,000, 20,000, even $40,000 for a single dog.  There is just no comparison between a commercial bred dog where the breeder is spending in most cases 1/10 or less on their stud dogs as we have spent on ours.  Our goal is quality. It is our opinion that well bred dogs will not only look exceedingly nicer when they are grown, but they should be healthier as well as better looking.  Cheap bulldog puppies can often become expensive in a hurry when knees are bad or hips turn out to have severe dysplasia.  Knees or hip surgery can often turn result in $1500 to $5000 surgeries to repair.

If your budget is tight, consider waiting until you can afford a well bred puppy that has a better chance of growing up to be a healthy representation of what the bulldog is supposed to be.  Selecting a healthy puppies from champion bloodlines is one way to improve your odds of your puppies growing up to live long and healthy lives.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  We continue to try and improve our website adding many pictures.  We can tell you all day long how great we thing our dogs are, but the proof is in the pictures (pudding).  Most our puppies should be stout and thick with nice big heads, a good rib cage with plenty spring of rib, proper nose wrinkles, and all round cute as a button little puppies.

All in all we are very proud of our dogs.  We are continually grateful for the help of so many that helped us get started so many years ago.  Over the years we have whelped and raised dozens and dozens of litters.  We have made about as many mistakes as one can humanly make.  And thankfully we have seen progress.   With time we have been fortunate to learn.  The English bulldogs for sale you find listed on our website should be top notch puppies.   Lord willing they should be healthier than average and should grow up to be gorgeous bulldogs.

Let us know if there is any question we can answer for you.  We are often up late in the evening and don’t mind talking about bulldogs.