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Layla Female
$3000 pet or $3500 Full AKC
DOB: 5/26/14

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“Tony is an AKC champion bulldog.  He is a son of Ch. Cherokee Legend Rock-winner of the Westminister show and #1 ranked bulldog in America.  Tony is available for champion English bulldog stud service.”

Sumo Bulldogs lies nestled just north of the Boston Mountain range in the Ozarks.  As bulldog enthusiasts we have a passion for English bulldog puppies with correct conformation that are also very healthy.  Dogs in our bloodline have lived 12-even 14 years of age.  Health is of utmost importance to us.  We are active participants in health testing our breeding dogs.  In the last 35 years less than 100 AKC registered English bulldogs have passed their OFA hip certification.  We have been proud owners of more than 5 of these dogs.  We check not just hips, but knees, elbows, eyes, heart and more.  We firmly believe that with the proper selection of healthy breeding stock the Bulldog breed can improve with every generation.

As Bulldog hobbyists we produce first for our own selves-sparing no expense.  We are not the place to find the cheapest English bulldog puppies for sale.  We make no apologies for this.  We have sought our some of the top winning dogs and bloodlines in the world as the foundation for our dogs. We have spared no expense in procuring what we believe to be some of the top bloodlines in the world.  Quality in pedigree; quality in conformation; and quality in pure unadulterated beauty.  If you are searching for a puppy of exquisite and rare beauty then poke around.  You will be pleased with what you find.

Sumo Bulldog's Full Monty is a son of "Bidlaw Leon Mystyle Meljane". Monty sports a great headpiece with a beautiful topline. His pedigree includes greats such as Ringablock McDonald Mystyle and Ch. Valleybull Silver Sailor at Merriveen

Sumo Bulldog’s Full Monty is a son of “Bidlaw Leon Mystyle Meljane”. Monty sports a great headpiece with a beautiful topline. His pedigree includes greats such as Ringablock McDonald Mystyle and Ch. Valleybull Silver Sailor at Merriveen.

You can sleep easy knowing that we know the breed and its limitations.  Some people invest in Rolex watches, other fine Arabian horses, and others vintage collector cars.  We invest in quality.  It is near impossible to produce better than the genetics one selects as the starting point.  So we are Sumobulldogs have sought out the very best.  We have no doubt that the stunning beauty you will find on our pages will give rise to awe.. 

We are often contacted by people who have a specific ideal in mind with regards to their search for their ideal puppy.  We do not have puppies available at all times.  We will only breed when we feel we can improve the breed.  You might see one of our dogs winning in the show ring, or perhaps you have seen one of our dog’s photos while doing some late night surfing.  Whatever the case, feel free to contact us.  Even if we do not have an exact match available today, we may have a future breeding planned that would be an exact match for what you have in mind.  We are confident the wait and search for your perfect puppy will be well worth the time and effort. All our puppies are raised at our home by our family. We raise only bulldogs.  Our puppies are socialized to both the young and the old.  In our home bulldogs and children intermingle.  By the time they are weaned our puppies have seen all manner of curious persons. We have chickens, Guinea fowl, Arabian horses-and even children….

“Ch. Lemonvom Ahora Y Siempre (Robbie), son of the legendary Ch. Golucan Cole Belthazor. Robbie had been foundational to adding health to our bloodline. His nose is wide open and he breathes excellent.”

We don’t always have puppies available. If we don’t have puppies or the color/sex you are looking for I highly recommend you visit our friend Scott at www.suburbanbullies.com. Scott and I co-own several dogs together. His knowledge of the Bulldog breed is second to none and his family, just like ours, has truly dedicated their lives to improving and breeding high quality bulldogs. Scott is a great friend, and we cannot recommend him enough.

Thanks for stopping by.  Stay awhile.  Call or email with any questions.

Chad, Heather, and family.