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It would be hard to describe the process we have gone through in developing the line of bulldogs we are breeding today. If you have landed on our website looking to find English Bulldog puppies for sale, then you already know how hard it is to find a quality bulldog puppy. Not just any English bulldog puppy for sale. But that low to the ground wrinkly type puppy. With massive shoulders tapering back to narrow hips. And thick with a barrel rib cage that is so deep as to cause the puppy to possibly appear to have legs that are nearly too short.

We have been working to see this beautiful type come to fruition in our breeding program. But if truth be told, trying to produce quality English bulldog puppies for sale is harder than one would imagine.  Many dogs being used in breeding programs, even show homes, have spotty parentage at best.  This is not to mean than their lineage is not stacked with champions.  Often the pedigrees are outstanding.  But owning champion does not in itself mean the dog is great.  It simply means the dog is better than the other dogs in the show ring that day.  So if the rest of the lineup is lousy, then it just may mean that today’s winner is the best of the worst dogs…..  We at Sumo Bulldogs have sought around the world to find brood stock where we feel the lineage has not just the pedigree we have sought for, but also back generations a certain “look” that has been passed on for generations.  Consistency.  Such that when you look at a past English bulldog puppy for sale which has been produced by Sumo Bulldogs you will see a thread of similarity.

We know that most of you who have become fans of our English Bulldog puppies for sale have a clear picture in your mind of what you are looking for. Most of you will agree that there are far too many leggy boxerish looking dogs being passed off as a bulldog. We have bred to many champion studs. But this does not guarantee great looking puppies. On occasion the litters might look so poor that we hardly even want to acknowledge we actually bred the litter. Great looking parents do not guarantee great looking puppies. When it comes to the English Bulldog puppies for sale that we offer, we have come to realize that pedigree and consistency in the pedigree are extremely important. Far too often a dog might become an AKC champion English Bulldog for stud, but still not be the kind of dog we might want to breed too. It might even win the Westminster show and we still might not want to use this stud dog. Why? Just because a bulldog is an AKC champion English Bulldog for stud and has won all sort of shows does not mean it will consistently reproduce itself. Many stud dogs are beautiful, but rarely produce offspring of equal or better quality.  The champion bull dogs we have introduced to our breeding program such as Tony, Robbie, and Doc have excelled in consistency.  Most any English bulldog puppy for sale seen on our website produced by one of these boys is head and shoulders above what we have produced in the past.  And Lord willing we fully expect we will see our future pups trump our current lineup as we are able to keep pecking away at a more consistent producing bloodline.

We have learned that we need consistent phenotype (what the dog physically looks like) and genotype (the genetic makeup of a given dog). While it is nice, and we might argue necessary, to have plenty of AKC champion English bulldogs for stud in the pedigree of our breeding stock. They must also have that consistent type of heavy bone, big heads, thick wide shoulders with a massive rib cage and a fat nose rope. This look and genotype should be consistent in the pedigree. When it is not, and very few dogs have this consistently, the litters will often be disappointing when they grow up. It is not uncommon for offspring of AKC champion english bulldog studs to grow up and look like pet quality at best. The English Bulldog puppies for sale that we offer come from years of blood, sweat and sacrifice. We hope you find the results to your liking. We could not be more thrilled with the quality of puppies our bloodline has started to produce.  We are sure you will be just as pleased as we have been.